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First Fiit Founder Meetup

First Fiit Founder Meetup


9th April 2018

On Wednesday evening, 40 of our Fiit Founders joined us at Fiit HQ in East London to celebrate their first month of testing Fiit!

Fuelled by our local Vegan cafe — Mother — who supplied a tasty array of energy balls and fresh juices, our Fiit Founders mingled with Fiit trainers Alex Crockford and Richie Norton, and chatted with our team to share their feedback.

Our Fiit Founders are part of a dedicated team rigorously testing the app and classes before we launch later this month. We were blown away by their enthusiasm and awesome ideas for future features.

A big shout out goes to the winners of the Fiit Challenge who completed the most number of squats, press ups and high knees in 90 seconds. Fiit Founders Helen, Ben, Jamie and Melissa (below) sweated it out for their place on the leaderboard and are now proud owners of some choice Fiit swag!

We loved meeting our Fiit Founders in person. Here’s what some of them had to say about their Fiit experience so far:

“I love that most of the classes are 25 minutes. I get home from work and can do a quick 25 minute class. I also like to combine the classes — so I’ll do 25 minutes of cardio followed by 25 minutes of stretching. It’s really fun, there’s lots of different classes and trainers.” Beth

“Fiit gives you someone on a personal level teaching you in your own home. You get the body confidence you’d hope to get from a gym membership without the extortionate cost!” Rachel

“I go to the gym, that’s where I do my cardio and circuit classes, and I do my mobility and yoga classes with Fiit. What I love about Fiit is you can totally tailor it to what you need it to be. It’s exercise on your terms. And it’s open to anyone. And that’s why I think it’s so brilliant.” Antonia

Thanks to everyone who came out. We hope you enjoyed it as much as us! Thanks also to Mother, Huel and Vitabiotics for your generosity.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be incorporating feedback and perfecting the app ready for launch. It’s nearly time…

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