Outlast Pro 2

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“It’s about to get real spicy. Dig deep and keep up that momentum.” — Gede Foster

Block 1 challenged your cardio capacity, your muscular endurance and your mental resilience. Block 2 demands more speed, more power and more agility with every move we throw at you.

That means more buy-ins and buy-outs. EMOMs and AMRAPS. Plus, weekly chasers that leave you flat on your mat in 10 minutes. You’ll go harder for longer with your favourite trainers, so get in a tough state of mind and give us everything you’ve got. Then charge on with block 3 so you can finish what you started.

• 7 classes a week (yes, really!)

• 10, 25 and 40 minute classes

• Advanced level

• Dumbbells only

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Choose another plan. Each one is designed to hit a different goal.

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