Trainer Spotlight: Steph Elswood

Trainer Spotlight: Steph Elswood


2nd May 2018

True health is about how you feel and how you perform. Not what you look like.

That’s the message of European Nike Ambassador, inspiration to 176k Instagram followers and Fiit trainer, Steph Elswood, aka @healthychefsteph.

Body confidence is a subject close to her heart, having experienced low self-esteem as a teenager before making the journey to feeling strong and confident.

Steph started her dance career at a young age. At 14 she went to a musical theatre school and then onto a dance university at 16. But although she was always active, she didn’t consider herself athletic and was becoming increasingly more aware of her body.

It was hard not to compare with others. The rejection from auditions and castings was challenging, coupled with the pressure from an industry that focuses on appearance. This started to take its toll on her mental health and attitude towards food.

It was during her third year at uni that Steph decided to take control. She created her Instagram page @healthychefsteph — to share recipes and her fitness diary.

Her healthy culinary inspirations and passion for fitness quickly attracted a loyal following. Her relationship with food started to change and she began working out more — hooked on the post-sweat buzz!

Fast forward a few years and Steph is now one of our advanced cardio trainers. She brings her infectious energy to classes that will push your heart rate to the max! You’ll feel the burn, get sweaty and, most importantly — build body confidence.

We caught up with Steph at Fiit studios to chat about her fitness journey:

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