Trainer Spotlight: Richie Norton

Trainer Spotlight: Richie Norton


31st January 2018

Meet our master of mindfulness — Richie Norton AKA @thestrengthtemple.

With his philosophy of strength through mobility and focus, Richie provides inspiration and a daily dose of zen to his 39k+ Instagram followers.

Formerly a professional rugby player until intensive training left him injured — Richie’s story is one of determination and transformation. When many might have given up, he refused to be a victim to his injuries and embarked an incredible journey of rehabilitation.

Through yoga, meditation and the martial art practice of Capoeira, Richie not only healed his injuries but discovered a new lease of life that has given him more focus and energy than ever before.

His story is proof that being the best you means taking care of your body. Slowing down and taking time to focus on your breath — even for just 5 to 10 minutes a day — can make a huge difference! A strong, healthy body starts with a clear, focused mind.

Richie brings his inimitable style to our Rebalance studio. His classes combine dynamic meditation, deep stretching and breathing techniques to perfectly complement the high energy classes of our Strength and Cardio studios. He’ll show you how to mobilise your body, improve flexibility, and build physical and mental strength. Warning: Richie’s calm is contagious!

Make Richie part of your training plan and you’ll be skateboarding when you’re 90 too!


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