Trainer Spotlight: Lottie Murphy

Trainer Spotlight: Lottie Murphy


17th May 2018

Pilates teacher and health nut Lottie Murphy discovered Pilates while she was at ballet school. She loved how classes left her feeling in body and mind, as well as how it helped her to be a better dancer. It wasn’t long before she was hooked.

When she realised she loved Pilates more than dancing, she decided to train as an instructor! Five years on, she hasn’t looked back, and now shares her health and fitness philosophies with over 45.3k Instagram followers.

So what is it about Pilates that Lottie loves so much?

Essentially, PIlates is a practise that enables you to move better and more efficiently. It involves much slower and focused movements than Cardio or Strength classes but that doesn’t mean you won’t be working hard!

Pilates targets the deep postural muscles to build core stability. Specific movements focus on strengthening abdominal muscles and help to lengthen and tone your body.

Pilates looks deceptively easy but the often tiny movements can greatly improve balance and core strength by reinforcing the mind / muscle connection, and helping you to engage the correct muscles. Understanding that all movements originate from your core is a key principle of Pilates. This not only leads to better posture but can also ease pain and reduce risk of injury. Many athletes use Pilates to improve flexibility, stability and performance.

Pilates is also hugely beneficial to the mind. Similar to yoga, it encourages you to focus on your breath and be mindful of your body’s movements. Such focused practice can help reduce stress, improve mood and aid relaxation.

Lottie has a range of classes in our Rebalance studio for all levels. If you’re new to Pilates we recommend you start with beginner classes and progress from there. Her beginner classes are also perfect for experienced Pilates practitioners who want to go back and master the basics.

In Lottie’s own words, “a strong centre helps you stand tall and feel confident”, so why not start now and make building core strength part of your day.

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