Trainer Spotlight: Lonan O’Herlihy

Trainer Spotlight: Lonan O’Herlihy


22nd January 2018

Ever wondered what Men’s Fitness cover model Lonan O’Herlihy — otherwise known as @ThePoshPT — gets up to on an average day?

He invited us to his West London home to get a glimpse into the life of an international PT to the stars!

Who wants to workout in a crowded gym? Not us — or Lonan! When he’s not showing off his abs and jet-setter lifestyle to his 186k Instagram followers, Lonan trains clients all over the world via Skype.

From bootcamps in Aspen to burpees in New York, Lonan motivates clients across five continents to push harder and achieve results, with his signature form-focused bodyweight exercises and tongue-in-cheek sense of humour — all by using his mobile phone or laptop.

He’s bringing everything he knows from his completely digital training approach to his interactive fitness classes with Fiit. To build strength and stamina all you need is a phone or tablet, and TV. And a healthy dose of discipline.

Find out why everyone wants to train with Lonan. Check out this video:

This Posh PT simply won’t allow you to throw in the towel. Join Lonan in our Strength studio to feel the burn, get strong and smash your goals. No excuses.

Want to see what Lonan has been up to at Fiit HQ? Look no further.


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