Trainer Spotlight: Cat Meffan

Trainer Spotlight: Cat Meffan


20th March 2018

From Serena Williams to New Zealand’s All Blacks — the world’s top sports professionals include yoga in their training program for the mobility, flexibility and focus essential for peak performance.

And who better to guide you in your practice than the newest addition to our FiitFam — Cat Meffan!

Former professional dancer turned yoga instructor and blogger followed by 106k health and wellness fans, Cat keeps things interesting with different yoga styles. From restorative to rocket, to unwind or power up, she’ll show you how to make feeling great part of a busy lifestyle.

Cat’s obsession for how the body moves started young, after she experienced injuries and subsequent surgery. She discovered yoga as a path to a stronger and more supple body, as well as a calmer, happier mind.

She loves to mix up her yoga practice with HIIT and strength training — and with Fiit you can do all three without leaving your living room!

We caught up with Cat at Fiit studios. Find out why — whatever your level, whatever your headspace — yoga is the answer:

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